CNC Routing of a Pyralux & Polymide Adhesive Preform

CNC Routing of a Pyralux & Polymide Adhesive Preform

PCR Technologies, Inc. provides specialty CNC machining to customers in various industries. This project which was for a contract manufacturer required CNC machining of Pyralux LF0300 and Polymide adhesive preform.

The project required CNC routing and drilling, the customer supplied DXF print called out dimensions of 8.500″ in length, and 7.750″ in width. The Pyralux LF0300 required a thickness of .014″ and the Polymide had a thickness of .005″, all dimensions had to meet tolerances of ±.005″. We produced 300 units for our customer In California in 2 weeks.

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Highlights of this Precision CNC Routing Project

Product Description

This pyralux and polymide adhesive preform is used within a defense application.

Specialty CNC Routing Capabilities Applied/Processes

CNC Routing
CNC Drilling

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part


Overall Part Dimensions

Pyralux Thickness: .005″
Polymide Thickness: .014″

Length: 8.500″
Width: 7.750″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Pyralux LF0300

Industry for Use

Aerospace and Defense


300 units

Delivery Time

2 Weeks

Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer supplied DXF print

Product Name

Pyralux and Polymide Adhesive Preform